Digital Transformation in Bookkeeping: Navigating the Cloud

The companies of today’s time are running to get the success that they all deserve but his success doesn’t come easy and they also need financial stability so that they can expand their operations in the market. These days companies are investing a lot into bookkeeping services and asking the bookkeeping firms for their services.

Bookkeeping involves the most important aspect of a company and that is recording the company’s financial transactions daily. Technology has advanced in this era and it has also impacted the landscape of bookkeeping. All the traditional processes that were done manually have been replaced by tools and cloud computing.

Let’s have a look into the benefits of embracing these tools and the important role that cloud technology plays.

The digital transformation

The continuous digital transformation in bookkeeping is affected by the adoption of the technology and tools for a safe and streamed process. These help the businesses manage their huge financial data and provide other benefits as well

  • The automated routine tasks

In bookkeeping, several tasks need to be done regularly and it takes up a lot of time as well. The automation tools and various software help in the regular data entry and it also doesn’t leave any scope for errors. QuickBooks, Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics GP are examples of such.

  • The accessibility of mobile

There are so many bookkeeping platforms that allow businesses to manage their finances and even track them on their mobile. This saves them from making the extra efforts and accessibility to the tracking provides additional insight

  • Incorporation with other businesses

These days bookkeeping is also integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning also known as ERP software and with Customer Relationship Management [CRM] system. Salesforce and HubSpot are examples of CRM systems.

  • The measures of security

One of the biggest concerns is security these days and when it comes to the recording of financial data it is a must. Advanced technology is helping in addressing these security concerns and to prevent cyber threats professional bookkeeping services are implementing many robust security measures.

  • Flexibility

The technology also provides the bookkeeping services a chance to be flexible as per the demand of the time and it also encourages their growth as well. Many systems provide customized services that meet the requirements of the industry.

It is very clear how much technology is impacting bookkeeping services and specifically the role of cloud technology in it. This ongoing transformation is supported by various digital transformations.

Adoption of  Cloud Technology

The role of cloud technology in these services has been a force to be reckoned with and it has also brought a revolution in the traditional practices of bookkeeping. The cloud-based bookkeeping gives users a chance to have access to their financial data from any corner of the world with an internet connection. It is also advantageous for a business that provides remote services and has employed a team that is widely distributed. Apart from that, it also provides real-time collaboration among the business and the various team members can work on the same data at the same time without facing any issues.

The integration of cloud technology in bookkeeping services is not something that is all about digital innovation but it is strategic thinking that allows the companies flexibility and most importantly security.

Deloitte: A Cloud Case Study

An international food services company contracted took the services of Deloitte, one of the ‘ big four’ of the industry. This company asked Deloitte to build an end-to-end cloud platform on Microsoft Azure that would help the company by automating the regularization of data, the matching of the product, and the pricing of the contract and these three were also the areas that were causing the food company too many problems. The Deloittes helped the company by creating an automated pipeline that brought the product mapping. It also enhanced the efficiency of the food company’s team and increased its credibility with various suppliers.

It shows how a big company like Deloitte is also investing its time and efforts in cloud technology. There is no doubt that the cloud is the new reality of the current time.


The innovation of the technology in bookkeeping with cloud technology as its biggest support is indeed reshaping the paths of financial aspects of a business. The use of technology allows companies to see beyond the traditional ways and also enhances their overall credibility and brand value.