Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services: Pros, Cons, and Industry Trends

The outsourcing of the bookkeeping service is a very common practice among the businesses regarding their size and the industry in which they trade-in. Bookkeeping is an important aspect of a company that helps in the stabilization of the financial records and brings financial stability. This outsourcing approach involves hiring external accounting firms or any professional who can handle all the accounting tasks such as keeping the records, transactions, or any other finance-related things.

It should be clear that there are also many pros and cons of these services and one can outweigh the other if they are not addressed properly. Let’s have a look at the industry trends along with the growth rate of it. 


  • Saves the cost

If a business is hiring outsourced bookkeeping services then it saves a lot of money because the people that they hire are professionals who don’t need any kind of training and who have all the tools and expertise to deal with the things. It helps businesses avoid the in-house training that they might need to give to the in-house team. They can also save the cost that gets invested in the accommodation of the required tools and software.

  • Expertise

These outsourcing firms specialize in professional bookkeeping services and they also have all the relevant expertise and knowledge that they need to do their work. The in-house team of a company can’t be this much of experienced to handle the bookkeeping because the outsourced professionals have gained this experience by working continuously in the market and they are also aware of all the latest changes and regulations regarding the bookkeeping services.

  • The use of technology

The professionals often use advanced tools and accounting software that ensure authentic and accurate financial management. This also helps their clients to have access to the edge cutting technologies and it increases the overall efficiency as well.


  • Lack of communication

A business needs to communicate its objectives clearly with the professionals. However, it is also common to have a lack of communication because there can be a time difference if the accounting firm is on the other side of the world or the language can also be a barrier in it. It is advised to use the proper communication strategies for effective communication among the business and the professionals.

  • Increases dependency

It can also increase the independence of the service providers as the businesses start relying on outsourcing partners to indulge every little problem that they might face. It would be better if a company were diverse in their service providers and if they are working with a single firm for quite some time then they also need to be involved in every step of the process and they should also try to handle the little issues on their own.

  • Security

If a company is hiring an outsourced firm for its bookkeeping then they are also opening themselves to security and privacy concerns because they are an external party and sharing sensitive financial information can be risky. Therefore the companies must hire reputable outsourcing firms and they should also invest in effective security measures.

The Industry Trends

These days companies and accounting firms are investing very heavily in technologies that meet the current industry trends and specifications. One of the most famous trends is shifting towards cloud-based accounting solutions as they facilitate collaboration and access to financial data from any place. The integration of AI is also yet another trend that is growing very rapidly. The use of AI tools helps in enhancing the accuracy and integrity of financial data. The professionals also specialize in various industries and they also provide customized services that meet the requirements of a business.

Growth rates and success stories

The outsourcing of the bookkeeping services is becoming very big in the market and it is also accepted as a remote service. The adoption of the technology is also contributing a lot to the expansion of its growth rate.

A company named DOCIAsport also hired the Plus Accounting in 2018 and it helped the DOCIAsport in increasing the efficiency of their financial transactions and their finance was managed in a very authentic way.

There are many other companies as well who are investing in outsourced bookkeeping services and getting the help that they need.


Professional bookkeeping services provide a wide range of advantages to a business but there are many challenges as well. As the industry changes the companies must stay in touch with all the relevant changes so that they can stay ahead of the trends and can partner up with the outsourced bookkeeping services.