Certified financial services auditor [CFSA]: Advancing your audit career

The businesses of today’s time are relying too much on auditing. Everyone wants to see their business on the top of their game and for that they must have the right set of knowledge about their business and at the same time they are also aware of the strengths and weaknesses of it. So that they can work on the shortcomings of their organization and improvise their strengths. 

Many companies hire auditing services from professional firms such as Flexi Consultancy. The professionals from these firms help in a lot of ways. They also assist the organization in the best possible way. 

So you can see that there is a lot of demand for auditing and this career path can be a good choice for you because it surely has a bright future. Becoming a Certified financial services auditor can be so beneficial for you and your audit career. It will increase your expertise in auditing and will also provide you with immense skills and knowledge that can be a boon for you or should I say golden stairs that will take you to the heights of your career and your professional development. 

CFSA Certificate 

It is a professional certification that is offered by The Institute of Internal Auditors [IIA] for professionals who are working in finance services. These certificates mainly teach the skills and provide the knowledge that can be used effectively in the finance audit. 

There are certain areas where this course focuses on-

  • Known as the world

This certification is globally known and respected in the communities of auditing and financial services. If someone has done this certification it shows that they have a high level of skills.

  • Financial services

This certificate’s sole focus is on the professionals who are a part of financial services. The roadmap of this certificate is tailored according to them and their needs or challenges.

  • Eligibility

A professional who has a minimum level of two years of experience can pursue this. The experience involves internal auditing or the field related to it. 

  • Career building

This certificate plays a huge role in the advancement of your career, it updates your skills and provides you new career opportunities within the financial industry.

These are the only few things regarding the CFSA, but you must know that it can be very helpful for you in the development of your career.


Audit Competency

As its name suggests, audit competency enables your skills, knowledge, and other things that make auditors compatible to do their work effectively. There are some things that Auditors should know or we can say that these are the criteria that enable them to do their work effectively

Technical knowledge is a must to have along with an in-depth understanding of it. The auditors should work according to their accounting and auditing principles. 

Risk assessment is another thing that an auditor should know how to deal with. A good auditor is equipped to handle it and deal with it along with the timely identification of these risks and their assessment.

Apart from these two, there are other things as well that also determine the competency of an auditor such as how well you connect with your clients and understand their needs. Open communication can help you with it. Management of the time is also yet another quality that an auditor should have if you are not good with the time then most of your work is going to take the force of it. They should be adaptable and can take every situation head one without smoldering under the pressure of it.

Risk Assessment

The assessment of the risk is one of the main components of an auditor’s work. It is an approach that is done systematically that helps the organizations to get to know about the risks or potential risks that can shake the foundation of their whole structure.

For a proper risk assessment, it is necessary to identify the risk first as soon as possible after it, is analyzed, evaluated, and later on responded to. 

It can be very beneficial for the organization if a risk is identified early on and handled accordingly because it can have the potential to cause major problems for your business.


If you are considering going in this field make sure that you are on the right path of your professional development. You are taking the new learnings and seeing them as lifelong learnings. Apart from that never miss any chance to self-reflect and setting your goals can also be another thing that can help you in your professional development.

But if you are already looking for professionals who can do the financial auditing for you then you should look for an expert who has well-equipped in his/her work and call such an expert.