Tax Audit Specialist vs. Tax Audit Accountant: Choosing the Right Expertise


The tax audit specialist and tax audit accountant plays an important role in the landscape of taxation for their different set of skills. It is very important for the organizations or for the business owners to know about the difference between these two so that they can choose the right expertise as per the needs of their business.

There are many firms out there that provide both these services and it’s on the organization that which service they need the most at that time.

In this blog, I am going to provide a distinction and will guide you in selecting the right expert for your business.

Tax Audit Specialist

These are the specialists who primarily focus on the investigation of the tax returns to make sure that all the tax laws and regulations are complied with. They are also responsible for finding out any type of loopholes, fraud, or discrepancies in the tax return.

The tax audit specialist must have strong skills such as investigation and analytical skills so that they can perform their role in a well-versed manner. It is also important for them to conduct reviews, examine the records, and communicate with the responsible person for finding any mishappening in the taxation of an organization.

A certificate like Certified Internal Auditor helps these specialists to show their ability and their expertise in tax audit services. Organizations like to involve tax audit specialists when they smell anything fishy in their business in the area of tax and during such time these specialists are much appreciated for finding out all the wrongdoings that may be happening within a business entity.

Tax Audit Accountant

Tax audit accountants have broader responsibilities and they are not limited to auditing only as they also support the organizations in the compliance of the tax and with other accountant-related work. They perform their role in tax compliance making sure that the tax is properly filled and also giving advice whenever it is needed.

They need to have a great knowledge of accounts and their principles, tax compliance knowledge, and enough expertise to help businesses whenever they need expertise.

The Certified Public Accountant [CPA], Chartered Accountant [CA], or Chartered Global Management Accountant [CGMA], are globally accepted certificates among many others that provide the accountants the invaluable knowledge and expertise and their clients the assurance to trust their chosen accountant. The organizations go after the tax audit accountant more because they provide them with a lot of services such as reporting of the finance, compliance of the taxes, and accounting services.



Choosing the right expertise

It is very necessary to choose the right expert for the business because there are many firms who provide both these services, so while making this decision about whom to hire it is crucial to identify the needs of the business and also the current situation of it.

If the business owners suspect tax fraud they should go for the tax audit specialist but if they want someone who can help them in the regular compliance of tax or they need an expert who can provide advice on the crucial matters related to the tax then the tax audit accountant is the right one to choose.

Along with it, a business’s size also determines whom to choose, if a business is large then it can afford to choose a tax audit specialist but if a business is small and in its starting phase then it would be wise to choose the tax audit accountant because they can provide you a lot of services that matched your business’s accounting needs.

Apart from these above-mentioned aspects, the business needs to look out for the scope of the services of these two and their commitment level. It is advised to properly think about these two, prioritize the business’s requirements and see who may fulfill these requirements the most.



The tax audit accountant can also collaborate with other professionals while on the other hand tax audit specialists are their separate entity. So, while choosing the one, make sure to get in touch with an accountant firm who provides both these services and then make a decision that is best for the business.